Nicolo John Davis
Nicolo Davis

Autogenerated Screenshots in Markdown

Sep 8, 2020

Getting one headache out of the way when writing documentation.

Moving from TypeScript to Rust / WebAssembly

July 7, 2020

My experience with both languages.

The Frankenstein Moment

Apr 21, 2020

Programming is about that Frankenstein Moment. - Phases and Stages

Oct 1, 2019

Release Notes and Migration Guide for v0.33.

Svelte for Framework Agnostic Components

July 19, 2019

Svelte for libraries that distribute framework agnostic components.

Technical Interviews aren't merely technical

July 17, 2019

Skills required to make great interview experiences.

Tightening the Feedback Loop

July 6, 2019

Creating tiny REPL-like environments.

Starting an Open Source Project

January 8, 2018

Starting an Open Source Project.

100% Test Coverage in Jest

December 28, 2018

Finding coverage gaps in Jest.

Making an Imperative API Declarative using React

December 20, 2018

Making an imperative API declarative using React.

Tic-Tac-Toe Bots

December 19, 2018

Various strategies to implement bots for turn-based games.